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Our Services

Is Your Electricity Company a Load of Shed?

We provide the right Solar Energy Solution to meet your needs.


    • Generate enough electricity to power your home while feeding back into the grid what you don’t use to accumulate a credit.
    • Lower Electricity Bills
    • Receive Credit on Account
    • Low Upfront Cost
    • No Power Backup


    • Generate electricity and accumulate credit as with Grid-Tied, but have backup for when there is load shedding and power outages.
    • Lower Electricity Bills
    • Modular and Scalable
    • Outage and Load Shedding Safe
    • Automatic Backup Switching


    • Go completely off the grid and become your own energy provider. Never pay another bill or experience load shedding again.
    • Energy Self-Sufficient
    • Access to Remote Areas
    • Full Power Backup
    • Approved by Mother Nature™

Our Process

Setting up with solar has never been easier.

  • 01 MONITOR

    We connect to your mains and monitor your current electricity usage over the course of a few days to assess your specific energy needs.

  • 02 DESIGN

    We provide you a bespoke Solar Installation Plan that covers system design, fixed cost projection, overall savings and ROI calculation.

  • 03 INSTALL

    Hassle-free installation by our professional technicians using modular hardware means a quick turn-around time and minimal disruption.

  • 04 POWER UP

    Flip the switch and say "Hello," to the sun. Our lead project engineer will explain all you need to know about running your new system.

  • 05 SUPPORT

    We are always on standby to assist you with our ongoing support and offer an annual systems checkup for cleaning and maintenance.